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25 June 2011 @ 05:28 am
I haven't update this space in AGES but that's cause I've slowly gravitated away from my LJ addiction. I do still keep up with random kink memes (INCEPTION HELLO! and random fic journals) but I haven't been checking my friends list in a while now.

I ran here to update today because of a minor but first time experience that I am not eager to spread about in RL because I'm sure my friend involved would be highly embarrassed. 

So while trying my best to scrub out puke from the carpet today, I thought, wow, living away from home and in a different country sure does invite all sorts of first time experiences. For one, if I were back home, I wouldn't have to deal with puke in carpets because 1. Drinking till the point of puking would never happen in my house and 2. Even if drinking till the point of puking were to happen in my house, there are no carpeted floors to puke on and cleaning up would be a breeze because all you gotta do is mop it off the marble floors.

Bar hopping sure was interesting, because we got to check out different venues and the different atmospheres each had. Continuing to drink when we all decided to go back to my place was still sort of fun but I stopped after I puked discreetly in the bathroom. Dear friend J continued to drink with the encouragement of the two boys with us. Hahaha that ended up pretty bad. She was laughing one moment, out cold in the next (seriously! that was a pretty funny sight) and in the next 10 minutes she threw up all over the table and carpets.

I was lounging around on the couch like a 'lazy drunk' clutching a pillow and refusing to drink when it happened, and the boys and I jumped up, suddenly all sobered up and running for paper towels, cloths and buckets. They helped me mop up what we could off the carpet and carried her into the shower where she sat for a while before insisting that the boys leave the place. Poor thing :( I think she felt really bad (physically, and for throwing up)

Anyway, Google really is my friend because I've Googled how to get puke out of carpets. I'm not too sure which was the best way but I chose a simple one of rubbing detergent in before rubbing a mixture of vinegar and water into the carpets. Not too sure if that's working cuz the carpet smells reeaaaally funky. Anyway, she took a warm shower, and I gave her some ibuprofen and a glass of warm water before she crashed on the bed. Now gonna Google what to give hungover people in the morning (haha Google is mai frand!) before changing and crashing as well. 
Tomorrow I've got to clean the bathroom and wonder what to do with her clothes, as well as buy some Febreeze to see if it works on the smell and whatever bits of puke stuck in the carpet. Ish, carpets suck!
Anyone got ideas for getting puke smells and stains off the carpet? More emphasis on getting rid of the smell!
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26 April 2009 @ 10:35 pm

Man, you know you're in for a LOL-tastic time when the first thing you see on a dance video is the above.
24 December 2006 @ 08:43 pm
greetings to nobody!

i'm posting here becaaaauuuse....i'm bored! tadaa!

and also because....*trails off*

okay shyt i don't know what am i doing here. i guess i ran out of downloads to click on. and therefore i am here at my livejournal account which i only use to stalk people, letting my finger nerves connect straight to my brain without going through any sort of brain filters whatsoever!


asami ryuichi is a hot/meanie seme and takaba akihito is a feisty uke!

i wanna see more smex...

o, great ayano yamane, grant your fans more smex!

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24 October 2006 @ 05:13 pm

*taps mic*

ahem, will someone kindly step up and help me get used to Livejournal? ah, yes! the punk sitting at the third row has offered his help! step up, friend.

*mic squeals as metal pins and earrings and chains interrupt transmission of whatever wavelengths and ultraviolet rays that make up the mysterious working mechanism of wireless mics*


right, uh, i'll take a look around. maybe there's a tutorial or something that'll help...
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